Focusing on (Self) Love


Sometimes I wonder why it’s so quick and easy for me to focus love onto others, but focusing that same love on myself feels foreign. It’s one of those unfamiliar things that I’m devoted to becoming familiar with. As I look upon myself with the same admiration, esteem, friendliness, and respect that I afford others, I feel at peace.



Showing Up

You can show up for yourself. Show up to the blank page. Show up for yourself when you’re feeling bad; especially when you’re feeling bad.

Show up for yourself often enough, and you’ll start trusting yourself. You’ll start being your own friend. Life is more fun that way.

Sometimes I don’t know what to write, or what I want to share. But I show up anyway. Thanks for showing up for me.


Thinking Better Thoughts

Part of my morning routine consists of getting coffee (for me), cigarettes (for my dad), and cat food (for the shop cats).

I can choose to think better thoughts, and when I do, I feel better, and the quality of my life improves.

Thinking better thoughts means talking to yourself as a friend.