Flowing Life


I’m focused on embodying myself these days–really feeling what it means to be me–so I’m not trying to use my intellect to be happy. Intrinsic motivation is the only thing that’s truly fulfilling. Life flows into open spaces.

Creative Trinity

I’m enjoying art, writing, and music. There’s nothing for me to solve anymore. I’ve gone through the tough stuff, and now all I want to do is appreciate everything.


I know that whatever has gone away can be replaced by something greater. This is what it means to be a (better) man. That’s what it means to be human.



Being an Artist, Writer, and Musician


Today, I want to talk about vocation.The main reason I blog is because I enjoy it, but also because I love writing. I do it every day because that’s what works for me (and it’s an excuse for me to take photos).

Being an Artist

If you’re interested in my art and illustration work, then I invite you to check out sedonethongvilay.com. I’m currently brainstorming how to integrate all of my interests and talents into a synergistic whole so that I can put my ideas, creativity, services, and products out there in the world. The good news is that this is as clear as I’ve ever been about it.

Being a Writer

GBM has always been about self-improvement–and it’s definitely helped me improve myself–but it’s also helped me to improve my writing skills. Blogging and writing every day has made it easier for me to face the blank page. I’m working on (and intend to write and publish) a series of books, and GBM feels like the right/write space for that.

Being a Musician

Performing music is a more recent endeavor, but I’ve always loved it. I have ideas for videos which will complement my art and writing, and I want to include my passion for music. My intention is to write and perform my own songs one day.

I’m in the process of establishing a personal brand. As such, I’m calling myself an artist, writer, and musician. It’s important in life to follow your dreams, and achieving your dreams is all about clarity, focus, and vision.




Dreaming Life

A very early good morning to you all. I’m back from my night shift job. As usual, I feel cheerful and proud of myself.

I’m proud that I’m true to myself even though circumstances continually change. Even my understanding of what it means to be true to myself changes. I’ve never been able to limit being who I truly am.

There’s a spiritual way of experiencing life, and it takes an awareness and appreciation of the intangible, which really isn’t that strange. When I create art or write stories, it starts out as intangible thoughts and ideas. What we experience as life can also start out as a dream.


Building the Ark


In between working on cars, I also find time to create things for the shop cats. For example, I built this Noah’s ark/Buddhist temple type thing today.


Bringing Order (and Being True)


I feel like writing another post. I remember how chaotic and disorderly things were when I first came to the shop. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished here so far.

It’s as much about bringing order to the shop and being a positive influence on my dad, as it is about me achieving my goals. That’s part of my goal, after all. I’m doing it out of love and respect for myself and my family.

Writing is how I bring order to my mind. I’ve got lots of creativity to express. That’s about being true to my ideas.


Connecting the Dots

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working as a sci-fi and fantasy illustrator for over ten years. One of my favorite types of clients are authors, and I really enjoy helping them bring their characters and worlds to life. I also have some original stories of my own which I want to illustrate and write.

I’ve often wondered how to connect the dots in regards to my passion for art and self-improvement, and now I realize that they naturally connect themselves, and they’re not so different after all. I think the important thing is to follow your bliss, and everything else will take care of itself.

The portrait of the young woman is a character I created with the help of my ex-girlfriend. You could say she’s our creative child. I’m introducing her to the world, and will provide more details in the future. Throughout all the ups and downs, I’ve kept painting and writing. I want to have true fans of my work, and your interest and support means a lot.

So check out my art site, and get in touch if you’d like to commission some artwork:



Finding the Sweet Spot

Hello and good morning, GBM readers. I like to write an article whenever inspiration is at its peak. Right now, the insight I have is about the sweet spot between independence and dependence, which can be called interdependence. This came to me when I realized that I have a personal level of enthusiasm that feels like the sweet spot for me, and other people have their own sweet spot. When I express myself, momentum builds when other people add on to it, but if I worry about what other people do, it kills the momentum. I think this is the difference between dependency and interdependency.

Dependency is when we have a spark of inspiration, but either we kill it before it’s expressed, or we kill after it’s expressed by worrying about the results. It seems like nothing can go wrong as long as we follow the path of enthusiasm, while everything can go wrong if we don’t. It comes down to knowing what we’re enthusiastic about, and not trying to control anyone else’s enthusiasm, or worrying about what our enthusiasm will lead to. Worrying about other people’s level of inspiration, energy, or enthusiasm, and worrying about what our self-expression will lead to, are forms of dependency upon things outside of ourselves.

Interdependency is when each of us follows our own bliss, and we either rendezvous together or we don’t, but we’re focused on the energy of creativity and inspiration. We let powerful, natural universal forces bring the right circumstances together. If you think about it, everything that goes sour happens when we deviate from universal laws, and even when that happens, things will fall away and die, and be recycled as part of the flow. Nothing can escape the flow of life, so we better understand the part that we play.