Choosing the Right Path

In this recording, I talk about choosing the right path in life, being intuitive, and overcoming insecurities.

Devil’s Advocate: a person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.

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Having Boundaries


I’ve got my trusty mariner’s compass amulet (which is actually a defunct refrigerator magnet) by my side. I’m still “recovering”, you could say, from yesterday’s publication of my audio journal. It happened rather spontaneously, and shifted me emotionally. I couldn’t say those things and share it with the world if I wasn’t ready to change.

Strengthening Boundaries

It’s important for me to think about personal boundaries, and enforce them. I have to do that for myself. There’s a feeling of guilt when I do, but that’s a weakness that I want to strengthen. Not all ego is bad, but a weak ego is, in fact, a weakness, and weaknesses get exploited.

My weakness is in having and preserving personal boundaries. I respect other people’s boundaries and my own. I think it can be a win-win, but from now on I won’t be on the losing end of having boundaries.

Physical Boundaries

These boundaries are mostly internal, but they’re also physical, too. I think physically you can be flexible, because we all share this world, but use common sense.

It’s good to earn and have money so you don’t owe people financially, or feel like you have to weaken your physical boundaries because of money. With money, you can take up space in the world. Again, use common sense, but don’t be intimidated, either.

Emotional Boundaries

There are also emotional boundaries. You can’t let your good feelings be based upon external conditions, or you’ll be a slave to those conditions. You can cultivate and appreciate external things, but never let your happiness be based upon them.

I’m actually OK with not needing to have a lot of possessions, although I’m moving towards manifesting more physical things and situations that I enjoy. However, I can get attached to relationships, or to people’s good opinions, and much of my self-improvement is about unhooking from external validation.

Mental Boundaries

Mental boundaries are your principles, beliefs, and values. Deep down, you know what you’re about, and you know how to think for yourself, so you need to do that.

Think for yourself! Don’t let others tell you what to think about anything. Observe and find out for yourself. Figure yourself out. Define who you are.

Some people will try to control you with words, comments, opinions, and facts. You need to have your own repertoire of words, comments, opinions, and facts.

Nobody knows it all, and if someone acts like they do, don’t believe them. Learn from those who have ideas that resonate with your whole self.

Spiritual Boundaries

Speaking of self (which is what I consider the True Self), your spiritual boundaries are sacred and impervious to harm.

Don’t ever let anything get in the way of you and your True Self. Your True Self is the God within you, a part of the Source of all that is.

Without this connection, there will always be someone who thinks they’re more powerful than you, or that you owe them something, but if you know that you have a direct connection to your Source, you are invincible.



Searching and Seeking


The searching and seeking part of me – maybe that’s my ego – he wants what he wants, and he’s good at finding things that are wanting. So I – maybe that’s my ego, too – am aware of how and who I am. Sometimes it seems like I can’t take “it” anymore, but somehow I become stronger every day.

“You’re so angry!” she told me through tears, and it’s true, sometimes I do feel very angry. I feel angry for various reasons, and about various things, but I choose not to be angry about being angry. I’d do things differently if given the chance, and I suppose today, and every day, is that chance, even if it’s by myself (which is how change begins, anyway).

I can tell when my mind is tying itself into knots. Simplicity, sincerity, and starting over gives me peace of mind. I enjoy being my own friend.


Being Fair and Honest


Work has picked up at the shop after several weeks of nothing. I’m taking a break, and Shorty stopped by. She likes to hang out while I work.

After years of self-improvement, I’m able to observe the thoughts and emotions going on in my mind. I guess that is my mind. The person doing the observing is part of who I am, but so is the persona I present to the world.

What my ego wants to know is what’s in it for me, which is like asking the value and worthwhileness of what I’m doing. That’s a legitimate question, and deserves a full disclosure of oneself to oneself. I choose to treat myself in a fair and honest way.


Resting the Restless Ego


I think that the feeling of unquiet or uneasiness comes from my restless ego, and this awareness gives me peace of mind.

From my true center, I’m able to give myself the guidance and support I’ve been looking for.

I’m realizing that I can be who I truly am without diminishing myself or anyone else, and in fact, it adds to life.


Feeling Inspired (To Say Something)


I sat down several times to write something over the past few days, but didn’t feel inspired to say anything. From what I see on the news, the world is crazy right now (at least certain parts of it). In any case, it’s therapeutic for me to write, so I am.

We continue to receive the money we need at the shop. I feel like it’s part of my calling in life to be here at this time. I still want to paint and write (and when I can, I will).

Right now I’m inspired by Jungian ideas like the ego, persona, and self. My physical circumstances are disorderly in certain ways, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be order within my psyche. The main thing is for me to be self-reliant.