Writing Life Stories

I choose to write about positive things, or at least write about negative things in a positive way. I do this because I feel like it, and for my own emotional and mental well-being. Over the long term, it works out positively.

One of the themes of my writing is self-improvement, and at the foundation of that are the Life Areas, which are like a garden. Each area of the garden (or of life) grows a different kind of flora and fauna. Of course, we’re the gardeners of our Life Areas.

I’ve got stories I’m going to write, with characters other than me and myself, although I think the story of my life is interesting, too.



Being True to Yourself

The Setting Sun and Glass Lantern, Symbols of Solar Energy and Manmade Lighting, Along the Oregon Coast near Lincoln City During the Energy Crisis of 1973-74 01/1974

Before I begin writing about being true to yourself, and how important it is to have this as the focus of your personal journey, I want to acknowledge the blessings and gifts I have in my life. It’s only through humility and gratitude that I’ve been able to unlock my potential and share it with people.

There’s a tipping point in everyone’s life

One of my guiding principles is to be true to myself. I learned early on there were conflicting beliefs being planted in my mind.

Many people don’t realize they’re programmers and magicians. The things we believe and tell each other have the potential to either be a blessing or a curse; make or break us. The way we communicate with each other creates our reality. Thoughts and words are a huge responsibility.

Woman in her garden, Virgin Islands?Imagine that your mind is like a garden, and as a child you needed caretakers to tend your garden until you were ready to take care of it for yourself. How good were your caretakers? How wise were the things you were being taught? Did you feel like the messages you received while growing up held real answers for how to be truly happy in life?

I didn’t feel like the things I was being told held real answers. In fact, I felt like the people I encountered were essentially lost and confused, but of course, in order to fit in and make friends I put my doubts on the backburner and acted like everyone else. When going along with the status quo made me unhappy, I’d blame myself and think there was something wrong with me. Then a revolutionary thing happened: Continue reading Being True to Yourself