Neverending Appreciation

I feel a deep appreciation at how far I’ve come in the past few years. Journaling, writing, blogging, and art have been true companions long before and after people have come and gone. I know what it’s like to be left out in the cold and hung out to dry.

Though protected, my heart isn’t bitter. I still have a sense of wonder. Appreciation flows through me.

There’s no part of me that I’ve ever been able to extinguish. I’ve only ever grown. Self-acceptance is, as I see it, my only road to salvation.



Being Optimistic


After I finished my previous, rather plain looking journal, I decided to get something exceptionally nice this time around. It’s got a leather cover, and you can buy refills for it, which makes it a good value. Plus, it’s well-crafted and snazzy-looking.


I’ve become less sensitive to shocking situations. Of course, I’m still affected by them, but I’m able to remain optimistic in light of whatever is happening. I’ve learned from the teachings of Abraham to take the emotional hit, know that my desire’s been launched, and get myself in alignment with my new desire, which is in the direction of expansion and growth.

The Unexpected

Rather than try to control things, which causes anxiety because there’s so many things outside of our control, the key is to train ourselves to be adaptable and capable. The Life Areas that I write about (and forms the backbone of this blog) are dynamic, in a state of continual change and evolution. The goal is to surf through the Life Areas and have fun when unexpected things inevitably occur.



Taking the Passage

Rites of passage may seem archaic these days, but they still occur (whether consciously or unconsciously), and it’s essential for psychological and spiritual growth.

Returning With Light

It’s not enough to just encounter the darkness. We must enter the dark, and after that, we must find the light within, and return with the light.

No Going Back

A true rite of passage means that there’s no going back to who we were. The butterfly cannot go back into its cocoon.


Starting Over (Again)

It was a year ago this month that I first came to the shop, feeling like a stranger in a strange land. In the past year, I’ve grown so much. Now, I find myself again feeling strange as I look for a new job, and a new life.

It doesn’t really matter what led me up to this point. Needless to say, events happened that influenced the choices I’ve made. Doing the right thing also means doing what’s right for yourself.

I keep circling back to this theme of being my own person. I suppose it’s something I fear, and I try to rationalize it away. Ever since my break-up a couple of years ago, I’ve become more of the man I want to be.


Sprouting New Leaves

The kitten that looks like Bena (that I rescued from inside the car engine) is a bit bigger now, and likes to stay outdoors. She (or he) runs away when I get close, and I was thinking that maybe Bena was reborn to run free with other cats, because before, she was always by herself indoors. The plant is also starting to sprout new leaves.