Just Like Heaven Acoustic Cover

You may or may not know about the GBM Podcast (and YouTube Channel), which I created back in 2014 during a crazy period in my life. I’m thinking of making videos to go along with my blog in the near future, but for now I felt like making a recording of me singing and playing Just Like Heaven by The Cure. I hope you like it.

Role-playing Life

It’s too hot to be working on cars at the moment, so I’m taking a break. When I’m not working, I usually play the guitar. I’ve gotten a lot better (at work and guitar).

I used to play Dungeons & Dragons, and realized that the attributes you assign each character is also helpful for self-improvement:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

I work on improving these attributes, and that’s essentially what self-improvement is all about. D&D’s alignment system is interesting to contemplate, too, as it relates to ethics and morals.

We’re all role-playing to some degree. How much or how little we do it isn’t as important as how comfortable we are in the roles we play. I now have a better understanding of my character.


Working and Playing

It’s a hot and humid day, and as I do my work, I have lots of thoughts I want to share with you, but as it goes, what I write doesn’t quite keep up with what I think. I think about all manner of things, from heaven and earth and everything in between. What I feel good about today is that I’m cleaning the garage, which also happens to be my bedroom.

I work on cars every day, and when I’m not working, I play the guitar. I’m literally in a garage band. All the while, I continue to philosophize.

I couldn’t have planned my life to be the way it has been, or the way it is now. Then again, I believe a bigger part of me has already planned much of this. I’ve learned not to make promises I can’t keep, but after many ups and downs, I can promise myself that I’m finally my own friend.


Belief, Practice, and Time

My new and further adventures continue. Now, I’m learning to run the shop, and also be a musician. I have an opportunity to be a singer, play guitar, and be in a band. It’s just a matter of belief, practice, and time.

In hindsight, the things that are currently happening was – if not foretold – then foreshadowed. I’m able to say that I’m a bigger and better version of myself, and to me, not comparing myself to someone else is what humility is about.

I feel very appreciative and blessed, although there are sometimes powerful emotions that show up. The old emotional hindrances don’t stop me anymore. I remind myself that if there are Universal Laws, then they should work in any situation.


Gaining Experience Points

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just start writing. Lately, I’ve been gaining experience points out the wazoo; leveled up, you could say. Every day continues to be an adventure.

I bathe outside, which is surprisingly fun. All the skills I’ve learned over the years are being put to use. My dad is teaching me guitar and getting me interested in music he listened to when he was younger. We have strange and interesting conversations, such as the one in which I learned that he thinks my face looks “pretty OK.”

He supports my artistic endeavors, and I want to work with him at his shop, and continue being an artist, writer, and storyteller.