Being Truly Humble


My definition of humility is being neither too high nor too low in your estimation of yourself. In fact, the need to compare yourself to others is irrelevant when you’re truly humble. Humility requires self-honesty and sincerity.


Feeling like you’re better than others (and needing to put others down) is arrogance, which is the opposite of humility. Likewise, playing the martyr or victim is also a kind of arrogance, and not humble. It’s only through vigorous self-honesty that the true heart of humility can shine forth.


Being truly humble means being invisible, like the way nature is great without caring if anyone notices. It means living life for the greater good, which includes yourself and everyone else. It means withdrawing blame and taking on full responsibility for your choices.



Belief, Practice, and Time

My new and further adventures continue. Now, I’m learning to run the shop, and also be a musician. I have an opportunity to be a singer, play guitar, and be in a band. It’s just a matter of belief, practice, and time.

In hindsight, the things that are currently happening was – if not foretold – then foreshadowed. I’m able to say that I’m a bigger and better version of myself, and to me, not comparing myself to someone else is what humility is about.

I feel very appreciative and blessed, although there are sometimes powerful emotions that show up. The old emotional hindrances don’t stop me anymore. I remind myself that if there are Universal Laws, then they should work in any situation.


Turning Jealousy into Greatness

The thought of my ex-girlfriend with another man stirs up feelings of jealousy within me, but I choose to turn those feelings into greatness.

Whenever I’m feeling happy and successful, I remind myself that this is worth having occasional jealous feelings, and I’m better now than I was before. If she wanted to come back to me, I would have great admiration for her, as I’ve always had. I admire both of us very much.

Jealousy is emotional energy that can be channeled into creative endeavors, and toward self-improvement. It’s a reminder that I’m never diminished by anything someone else does. Only I can choose to diminish who I am. I choose to turn everything I experience into an opportunity for growth.

The ability to love my ex-girlfriend whether she’s with me or not, and to love myself when I sometimes feel jealous, is powerful. When you know that you’re powerful, humility and grace comes naturally.


Being Sincere and Virtuous

I believe that life favors the sincere and virtuous. I think humility is a virtue, and for me it means being sincere and virtuous because it’s right (in alignment with my True Self) and when I see the opposite of sincerity and virtue, the right thing to do is to allow people to figure it out for themselves (which is being humble about it rather than pointing out their faults).

I’ve yet to see a fault in another person that I couldn’t say was also true of myself, and this awareness helps me to keep quiet.

Being sincere and virtuous isn’t about being a goody-goody. I’ve found that trying to be “good” is often based upon fear.

Sincerity is defined as the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. I value that, although if taken too far it turns into insincerity.

Virtuous is defined as having high moral standards, and this is where I’ve really explored life to see exactly what “morals” are supposed to be. Right and wrong, good and bad, etc. These are accusations and judgments that we throw around like weapons.

Maybe it’s the usage of the phrase “high moral standards” that creates a false dichotomy. It implies that there are “low moral standards”, and it’s usually the people who are doing things we don’t agree with that have the low kind of moral standards. That kind of attitude could be called self-righteousness.

What if being virtuous simply means that you have moral standards; neither high or low? That implies that you’re clear about what your morals are (what’s right and wrong for you), and you follow them.


Tumbling Along


You could say I’m sitting pretty as I relax in my new bed. These past few months have been surreal. I’ve lived in four different apartments in less than a year. Sometimes I feel like a tumbleweed just tumblin’ along this ol’ road of life.

Things are definitely improving, though. I’m building solid foundations, and I’d rather take my time to do it right (child). There are moments of profound clarity, when I feel like I really get it, and then I’m lost and confused aka out of alignment, but it’s getting easier and easier to find my center.

I’m realizing the power of allowing and humility. I think allowing someone to be who they are – to just be – is something people really appreciate, and of course, it’s also about allowing yourself to be who you really are, which is essentially the same as humility. I’ve already said some things about humility, and part of my new understanding is that it’s about appreciating and honoring the here and now.


Arrogance vs Humility

It’s the second night at our new place, and we’re settling in quite nicely. Things are getting better, man. I set up my computer and felt inspired to paint. It’s artwork for a fantasy story I’ve been working on.

After painting for a while, I thought the art looked amazing, which made me think about arrogance vs humility. The more talent you have, the more tempting it is to make it about yourself, which smacks of arrogance. I think the better way is to put the talent to good use – meaning for the greatest good you can think of – which I consider humility.

I think arrogance is making it about yourself, while humility is making it about the work. Humility is also the realization that the work is never done, and learning (and growing, and changing) never stops.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about why (and how) you do it. If it’s done for the love of the work itself, then it’s in accord with the flow of the universe, and the universe is a perfect example of the power of non-arrogance aka humility.


Standing in the Dark

The way forward for me is to have transcendent courage and unconditional love. I must be as innocent and powerful as a stream that turns into a river; flowing to the sea, and back to my source. I can see what happens when disintegrative and destructive forces are turned toward the self. It’s quite ugly.

I find myself standing in the heart of darkness. Everything within me says this isn’t someplace I’d like to be, but for now it’s where I’m at. I already have the outer strength, and now it’s time to use the inner strength I’ve developed through self-improvement.

Dangerous times call for valor wrapped within humility. I remain docile and subservient, because facing this kind of potent negativity head-on is ill advised. I need to look after myself, my cat, and my art. I also want to be the version of me that – if I could go back and redo things – I had wanted to be when I was with the woman I love.