Burning Away the False

I’d be doing myself a great disservice – and by extension, my audience – if I were false. Being truthful and sincere has long been a theme here, and that will continue. I have an internal compass that I can’t lie to.

In a world full of sugar-coating, I’m a fire that burns away everything that’s false. What’s left is real. It’s something you have to experience for yourself.

I’m not trying to be right, nor do I want to be. All of this has been written in some way by a future version of me, and when I re-read it months or years from now, it rings true. That’s all I can ask of myself.



Five in the Morning


I’ve written articles, entries, essays, missives, and posts like the ones on GBM for years, and while this blog isn’t wildly popular, readership continues to grow, and each person that finds something that resonates with them through my writing gives me a sense of hope and responsibility.

I don’t have to be writing this at five in the morning (or be awake, for that matter), but I’m inspired by the progress I’ve made, by the feedback I’ve received, and by the thought that someone might benefit from what I’ve learned and have to say.

There will be down times, because as some of my writings have shown, I don’t have it all figured out. In fact, it seems like I don’t have much of it figured out, but in my heart, I know certain things to be true for me, and this acts as an internal compass. I’m not completely certain what direction I’m going, only that there is a direction.

GBM isn’t so much about giving out advice, as it is about sharing one man’s perspective on the journey of life.


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