Slicing and Dicing


Up before dawn, with hardly any sleep, I get ready for my new job. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had to get ready for work. The fan belt of my car squeals in protest at the cold morning air.

Starting a new job is like stepping onto the set of a new sitcom. We’re introduced to the characters. We begin to play our part.

I put on an apron and a name tag. I weigh roast chicken and slice and dice fruit to be delivered. I come home–exhausted–do my usual routines, and take a nap.



Living a Sitcom


My life is turning into one big sitcom. It’s weird how you can be Louis C.K., or Abraham-Hicks, or an actor on Party Down, and it’s all OK, and it’s all life. I believe in the things I talk about, and therein lies the tragedy and comedy.

I got a new job in catering, so I’m re-watching Party Down just for kicks and irony. At some point in life tragedy does become comedy. Usually after you’ve experienced enough crap.

Apologizing for who you are is certainly a recipe for a tragic life. Nobody knows the answer, and that’s the joke. Live your life, and laugh.




Following Your Bliss (Backwards)


I laid in bed, which is to say, I was lying on the floor, and came to the conclusion that yes, today would be my last day at a dead end job. The thought of staying at this job had become worse than the anxiety of finding another one. I suppose that coming to a decision in this manner is a backwards way of following your bliss.

Maybe I think too much, and I feel too deeply about things, but I’ve made peace with that. Maybe it’s actually a gift.

I think so.

It’ a noble thing to be able to walk away from a situation with your head held high, and your dignity intact. In any case, I like that I can be a deep thinker, a mad genius, and a working class stiff all in one person. Whatever happens, I’ll continue to be me.



Having a Day Job


Having a day (or night) job was something I used to think I wouldn’t like, but as it turns out, I actually do like it, and it’s helpful in more ways than just providing a steady paycheck. A day job–especially manual labor–has helped me become more physically and mentally fit. It’s also gotten my creative juices flowing.


Now, I’m not recommending that everyone go out and get a day job, but for me it’s the right thing to do (at least for now). One of my top three values is being self-reliant, and that’s what I use as my inner compass, to guide my way. However, even with a day job it’s important to remain adaptable and flexible; agile.


My vocation is to paint pictures, write stories, and play music. If a day job helps me to follow my calling in life, then it’s part of my vocation. I believe that I’ll be able to support myself through my calling one day, but who knows, I may still want to have a day job, anyway.



Finding Your Calling

You may or may not know about the Life Areas (or understand them), but they’re an integral part of my blog. In the Vocation Life Area, I now have at least three jobs, which is kind of mind blowing. More notable than that is my noticeably confident and positive attitude about my Vocation.

Vocation is your calling, and that includes more than just a job (or jobs). With that said, I’m ready to work and earn money. It’s good for me to focus on that right now.

I realize there’s no part of life that isn’t affected by Spirit (also a Life Area). I put my trust in my Spirit, but more than that, I actually trust my Spirit. The journey seems to be about connecting to Spirit/Soul/Self/Source.


Letting Go of the (Minor) Details

I applied for another job today, and I remind myself that I already have a job as a freelance artist, so what I’m looking to do is increase my income, and have more financial stability. All the reasons that have led up to this clarity and focus are minor details. It’s taken a while for internal and relational conflicts to become “minor”, but I’m glad that I’ve reached that point.

I like the feeling of promise and opportunity. I have a bright future ahead of me paved by years of self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-belief. I want everyone to do well, especially people I love. I like realizing that I don’t have to like everyone, either. I can even live with people I don’t especially like.

I like letting people play their hand. I know that I’ve got some great cards in my hand; abilities, skills, and knowledge. I like getting clear about who I am, and being loyal to that. I’ve noticed that some people scramble around or run away when you don’t play their games. I’m not trying to change anyone; I choose to align with my True Self.