Achieving and Appreciating


Writing and publishing this post will be an achievement for me. It’s helpful to consciously acknowledge when something would be an achievement, and when something has been achieved. An achievement is something we’re proud that we accomplished.

Appreciation is also something we can consciously acknowledge. By “consciously acknowledge” I mean it requires mental focus, and by focusing on the things we appreciate, we attract more of it into our lives. Appreciating is consciously acknowledging and savoring the beauty, worth, and value of something.

Achieving and appreciating are powerful self-improvement techniques. By using both of these mental skills, we can truly create a more positive experience for ourselves, and by extension, a more positive world.



Having Courage and Strength


I asked the I Ching:

“What can I do to have courage and strength?”

The answer was so powerful that I had to write it down in my journal so I could internalize it, and I also wanted to type it up on my blog to share it with you, because it’s just good advice in general.

Hexagram 40 Line 5

It is time to eliminate bad habits and behaviors and free yourself from relationships and situations that drag you down. Deliverance requires inner resolution and perseverance. You alone can save yourself. No one else can do it for you. But if you stay the course, people who undermine your self-worth or have an unhealthy influence in your life will see that you cannot be taken advantage of and they will withdraw of their own accord.

“Delivering yourself” means treating yourself with respect and developing a positive attitude toward who you are and what you do. Deliverance requires a narrative of redemption. It means believing in a vision of yourself and in a story of your life in which things can get better. If you hold fast to this vision and make this story your story, your life will indeed improve.

By believing in yourself and becoming committed to your deliverance, you will no longer attract harmful people, and you will no longer get yourself entangled in unhealthy behaviors and difficult circumstances that you could have avoided.

Jack M. Balkin, The Laws of Change

I need to stay focused on this message, because I need courage and strength in order to stay on the right path. After a lifetime of approval seeking and people pleasing, I finally know what it’s like to be free, but there are still backsliding and self-sabotaging habits that I need to be aware of. Only I can save myself.



Attracting Like-Hearted People


I’ve just had a realization about most of the relationships I’ve experienced so far, and why I’ve often struggled with them. I’m deeply honest and sincere, and while that may seem like a virtue, in many relationships (that I’ve experienced) that’s actually something people are afraid of. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong for me to be sincere, but that I’m just not around like-minded (or ‘like-hearted’) people.

For example, I understand that people are going to be self-interested; I believe in that, actually. However, let’s say someone in a (romantic) relationship with me says they would be happier by ending the relationship–I genuinely support that–but what I don’t support is not being honest and up-front about it, and basically making me the bad guy in order to have an excuse to break up. Or maybe someone is talking about improving their life in some way; I wholeheartedly care and want them to do it, and I want to support them in whatever way I’m able to.

What I don’t like (or understand) is when I’m talking about improving my life–or being honest and sincere with someone–and I’m met with disinterest, falseness, or even passive-aggressiveness. Because I very much want to get along with people, I used to contort myself in all sorts of ways that ultimately left me feeling depressed. Now, instead of beating up and betraying myself, I choose to stand by my values and attract people who value the same things as I do.



Being Popular

Something I find amusing and mildly absurd is how many followers, comments, and likes certain blogs have. The funny thing is that some of these popular bloggers have been liking my posts for years (which I genuinely appreciate, by the way). I’m quite tickled by that.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t understand how popularity works. I know it has (like everything else) something to do with the Law of Attraction. I wouldn’t say that my blog is popular, but at the same time, it’s not unpopular.

Anyway, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care at all about being popular. I do care, but I care more about being true to myself. It would be great to have both.


Appreciating My Parents

Sometimes I feel inspired to write as I’m getting ready to go to sleep. Tonight (early morning, actually) I’m thinking about “divine timing”, synchronicity, Law of Attraction, and my relationship with my parents.

My parents have been divorced for years, and they don’t talk to each other. I basically ran away from them as fast as I could after I graduated high school. I had major inner conflict regarding my parents. It was part of the theme of my life for a while.

The reason I was thinking about divine timing is that I now realize I’m not responsible for my parents’ happiness or success in life. If they were more successful financially, things would be easier in some ways, but they worked their whole lives, and I’ll receive whatever they leave behind for me.

The thing that matters to me is that my relationship with them has improved dramatically, although it’s not perfect or ideal by some (other people’s) standards. There’s a level of meaning and authenticity to my relationship with my parents that I truly appreciate.

There are challenges, and that’s where my self-improvement work comes in handy. I could have never planned out all of the infinite details and synchronicity of our journey together.


Abraham on Freedom

This is a transcript from an Abraham workshop that I typed out for my own edification, and I thought I’d share it:

Isn’t it nice when you realize that no matter where you are, that it is not the job of those surrounding you to feather your nest? It’s your job to pick from the details of what you are living, the things that are most pleasing to you. And as you have the opportunity with situations like that to find your alignment more and more, in time you find yourself frolicking freely wherever you are.

The annoyances of life, the inconsideration of other people, becomes a non-issue to you; for two reasons. First, you’ve learned to tune yourself apart from it by going general, and next, less of it is showing itself to you, because you are – by going general – and by reaching for your alignment with who you are, becoming more and more a vibrational match to the things that you do want, so it becomes a sort of cycle of well-being, where you feel good anyway, and then good things are shown to you, so it’s easier to feel good.

So then it’s easier and easier to feel good, because you’re attracting more and more of what does feel good, but you are not a prisoner to what’s going on around you. You are able to control the way you feel. People don’t have to behave in a certain way in order for you to feel good, so even under the most extreme, arduous, or unpleasant circumstances you’re still able to feel good.

Once you accomplish that, you are really going to finally, finally, finally feel your utter freedom. And what freedom is – freedom is – absence of resistance, but absence of resistance isn’t other people behaving. Absence of resistance is you learning how to tune yourself to what pleases you. It’s fun to figure that out. Sometimes, when people are behaving very nicely around you, you think, oh, this is what I want or need around me at all times. I want my mate to behave this way, or I want my children to behave this way, I want my co-workers to behave this way, I want people in my city to behave this way. But that’s a trap, isn’t it?

~ Abraham

The Law of Attraction Notes

source: Thoth Tarot
source: Thoth Tarot

I’m using this phase of my life as an opportunity to immerse myself in the Teachings of Abraham, which dovetails nicely with my own self-improvement work. The following are some ideas and notes which I felt inspired to share with fellow creators of reality.

According to the Teachings of Abraham, the Law of Attraction says: “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” This Law affects all things at all times.

Thoughts are vibrations, and thoughts of similar frequency and vibration are drawn together via the Law of Attraction. Once we begin thinking a thought, the Law of Attraction brings us more thoughts like it, and if we continue to think these thoughts, they become beliefs.

As I see it, thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs become what Jung calls complexes. By the time symptoms manifest themselves as conditions or diseases, there’s a lot of energy and momentum in them.

When we think, we’re either thinking about what we want, or about what we don’t want. As long as we’re thinking, the Law of Attraction is responding to our thoughts. When we focus on the details of a thought, the Law of Attraction speeds up the momentum of that thought. When we meditate, we de-focus from our thoughts, which slows them down, thereby slowing down the momentum.

Thinking about what we want, and believing it will happen, feels good. Thinking about what we don’t want, or the lack of what we want, or wanting something, but not believing it can happen, feels bad. We can tell what we really believe about something by how it feels. The Law of Attraction responds to our belief, our vibration, and how we feel about what we’re thinking, not the words we use.

Beliefs can’t be destroyed, because the Law of Attraction won’t allow it. We can create new beliefs, and focus on them instead. We can let unwanted beliefs lose their momentum by de-focusing from them, which is basically thinking about them in a more accepting, broad, general, or non-judgmental way. We can speed up the momentum of wanted beliefs by focusing on the details and specifics of them, such as affirming and confirming to ourselves that our wanted beliefs are being realized.