Writing Life Stories

I choose to write about positive things, or at least write about negative things in a positive way. I do this because I feel like it, and for my own emotional and mental well-being. Over the long term, it works out positively.

One of the themes of my writing is self-improvement, and at the foundation of that are the Life Areas, which are like a garden. Each area of the garden (or of life) grows a different kind of flora and fauna. Of course, we’re the gardeners of our Life Areas.

I’ve got stories I’m going to write, with characters other than me and myself, although I think the story of my life is interesting, too.



Being Optimistic


After I finished my previous, rather plain looking journal, I decided to get something exceptionally nice this time around. It’s got a leather cover, and you can buy refills for it, which makes it a good value. Plus, it’s well-crafted and snazzy-looking.


I’ve become less sensitive to shocking situations. Of course, I’m still affected by them, but I’m able to remain optimistic in light of whatever is happening. I’ve learned from the teachings of Abraham to take the emotional hit, know that my desire’s been launched, and get myself in alignment with my new desire, which is in the direction of expansion and growth.

The Unexpected

Rather than try to control things, which causes anxiety because there’s so many things outside of our control, the key is to train ourselves to be adaptable and capable. The Life Areas that I write about (and forms the backbone of this blog) are dynamic, in a state of continual change and evolution. The goal is to surf through the Life Areas and have fun when unexpected things inevitably occur.



Being a Beginner

Today, I’m focusing on my job, career, and vocation. I currently have a job that I’m using for income and to build the foundations of my preferred lifestyle. Career-wise, I’m an artist, writer, and musician.

Having a Calling

A vocation is a calling in life. I feel called to improve myself, and to share my experiences (in other words, self-expression) with others. I’m delighted when I’m able to help others improve themselves. Improvement is more important to me than giving someone a handout, but that’s OK sometimes (I’ve needed it, too).

I don’t like feeling trapped in general, and that applies to my job. When I start to not enjoy myself, I feel anxious. I remind myself of my goals and how my job is helping me to reach them, and I also focus on the self-improvement opportunities within the job, and that makes me feel like it has meaning.

Re-inventing Yourself

This is the year of re-invention, so I’m re-clarifying and re-organizing all aspects of my life. I’m approaching it like a beginner. When we empty ourselves of worn out assumptions and preconceived notions, we begin to re-invigorate ourselves.


Appreciating Sunday

Over the years, I’ve grown to love Sundays, although that hasn’t always been the case. Sunday is the juncture between one week and the next; past, present, and future. Even now, there’s nervous energy surrounding my Sunday, but it’s more of an excited feeling rather than worry (though it may have something to do with the playoffs).

Creating Sacred Space

Reviewing my week on Sunday has become a sacred space. In truth, I want every day to be like this, but I also enjoy jumping into the fray and mixing it up during the week. I like to contemplate my areas of life and take them all in; to see the big picture.

A Cold and Frosty Morning

It was 3 am as I opened my door to go get a cup of coffee from 7-11, surprised to find that the world was shrouded in fog. Atop my staircase – yes, my staircase; it leads to my door and no one else’s – I felt like I was on a castle rampart looking down upon a sleeping village. The journey of a thousand miles that led me here really did begin with a single step.


Being Together

I’m sitting in the garage of the shop, freshly lit incense burning, vanilla coffee brewing, thinking about life. I read some old emails which brought momentary tears, then appreciation took its place. I’m better off mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, in that I have a steady paycheck.

I’m learning a lot at my new job, and making friends. I’ve been thinking about moving into my own apartment for a while. I accept that I have distinct parts to my personality, and I’m happy that in general I feel inner peace (about these various parts).

The Life Areas operate synergistically. If one Area is stuck, another Area can help it along. What seems like individual fragments are held together by an invisible wholeness.


Finding Your Calling

You may or may not know about the Life Areas (or understand them), but they’re an integral part of my blog. In the Vocation Life Area, I now have at least three jobs, which is kind of mind blowing. More notable than that is my noticeably confident and positive attitude about my Vocation.

Vocation is your calling, and that includes more than just a job (or jobs). With that said, I’m ready to work and earn money. It’s good for me to focus on that right now.

I realize there’s no part of life that isn’t affected by Spirit (also a Life Area). I put my trust in my Spirit, but more than that, I actually trust my Spirit. The journey seems to be about connecting to Spirit/Soul/Self/Source.


Looking Good

The Life Areas are:

  • Spirit
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Body
  • Finances
  • Vocation
  • Relationships
  • World

I don’t write about the Body Life Area too often, but of course, it’s important, and I frequently focus on it outside of blogging. For example, HEN stands for Hygiene/Exercise/Nutrition. It also includes physical health, and things like having safety, shelter, and stability.

Part of my self-improvement has been about having a positive self-image. That’s more of a Thoughts Life Area kind of topic. Having a negative self-image can lead to overcompensating or narcissism, which isn’t really what I’m wanting.

I cut my hair today, and it’s cool that I had a conversation with my dad about it. We have a unique, one of a kind relationship. While I’m all about philosophy and spirituality, I realize that physical appearance is a part of life.