Facing Fears and Being Free


Sometimes the best thing to do is stand up for yourself. Part of being a good person is being your own person. Whatever fears you may face is ultimately worth it to be free.

I haven’t solved all of the problems of life. I haven’t gotten rid of anxiety, worry, and fear. But I can face all of those things on equal footing now.

I’m grateful for the clarity that makes my life feel real. I don’t have to apologize for existing. I honor my creator when I love myself.



Loving Yourself Unconditionally


Throughout my journey of self-improvement and self-discovery, I’ve learned many enlightening and inspiring things, and the most vital thing I’ve learned — the wisest of all teachings — is the principle of loving yourself unconditionally.

Sometimes called unconditional positive regard for yourself, no matter which way you look at it, this principle cannot be circumvented or ignored. Within the principle of loving yourself unconditionally is the key to all great things. This isn’t an overstatement, and in fact, cannot be stated strongly enough.

I’m realizing that not loving yourself unconditionally is at the heart of all human problems, and since we’re humans, that’s everything. Again, there’s no way to escape or overlook this principle. There’s no amount of achievements, money, power, or success that won’t crumble if, at the heart of it, there’s not unconditional love for yourself. Lack of unconditional self-love is the void that people speak of; the void which we try to unsuccessfully fill with everything except unconditional love. Another truth is that unconditional love is the same as loving yourself unconditionally.

So how do we go about loving ourselves unconditionally? There are many ways that people have approached this question. At the heart of all wisdom teachings is the principle of unconditional love. Love isn’t something we choose to do, and loving yourself unconditionally isn’t something you choose to do. It’s your natural state of being. Anything that goes against or resists loving yourself unconditionally will feel bad. It doesn’t matter what we call it, or how we rationalize it, but conditional love will, sooner or later, feel bad, because it goes against the ultimate truth of unconditional love.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the meaning of being centered, or aligning with your True Self. It is something to be contemplated, meditated upon, mindful of, and practiced every moment of every day.


image credits: Sedone Thongvilay

Love, Love, Love

It’s OK to have arguments in a relationship, and it’s OK to make up after you argue. It’s easy to give out relationship advice, but in matters of the heart, the heart rules.

Love is the crucible that burns and purifies. When we open ourselves to love, the things that are temporary, insignificant, and false fall away. We’re left exposed and naked in love.

It’s not that there’s too little love in the world, but too much. Love can be accessed in an instant, no money required, multi-faceted, infinite.

Where there’s hate, there’s love. Deep down, there’s no hate, only love. Hate is misguided love, ashamed, afraid, a shadow-love that’s not able to shine.

Don’t be afraid to love.

Love yourself, love others, love life.

Love until nothing else exists.