Being an Artist, Writer, and Musician


Today, I want to talk about vocation.The main reason I blog is because I enjoy it, but also because I love writing. I do it every day because that’s what works for me (and it’s an excuse for me to take photos).

Being an Artist

If you’re interested in my art and illustration work, then I invite you to check out I’m currently brainstorming how to integrate all of my interests and talents into a synergistic whole so that I can put my ideas, creativity, services, and products out there in the world. The good news is that this is as clear as I’ve ever been about it.

Being a Writer

GBM has always been about self-improvement–and it’s definitely helped me improve myself–but it’s also helped me to improve my writing skills. Blogging and writing every day has made it easier for me to face the blank page. I’m working on (and intend to write and publish) a series of books, and GBM feels like the right/write space for that.

Being a Musician

Performing music is a more recent endeavor, but I’ve always loved it. I have ideas for videos which will complement my art and writing, and I want to include my passion for music. My intention is to write and perform my own songs one day.

I’m in the process of establishing a personal brand. As such, I’m calling myself an artist, writer, and musician. It’s important in life to follow your dreams, and achieving your dreams is all about clarity, focus, and vision.




Just Like Heaven Acoustic Cover

You may or may not know about the GBM Podcast (and YouTube Channel), which I created back in 2014 during a crazy period in my life. I’m thinking of making videos to go along with my blog in the near future, but for now I felt like making a recording of me singing and playing Just Like Heaven by The Cure. I hope you like it.

Being a Beginner

Today, I’m focusing on my job, career, and vocation. I currently have a job that I’m using for income and to build the foundations of my preferred lifestyle. Career-wise, I’m an artist, writer, and musician.

Having a Calling

A vocation is a calling in life. I feel called to improve myself, and to share my experiences (in other words, self-expression) with others. I’m delighted when I’m able to help others improve themselves. Improvement is more important to me than giving someone a handout, but that’s OK sometimes (I’ve needed it, too).

I don’t like feeling trapped in general, and that applies to my job. When I start to not enjoy myself, I feel anxious. I remind myself of my goals and how my job is helping me to reach them, and I also focus on the self-improvement opportunities within the job, and that makes me feel like it has meaning.

Re-inventing Yourself

This is the year of re-invention, so I’m re-clarifying and re-organizing all aspects of my life. I’m approaching it like a beginner. When we empty ourselves of worn out assumptions and preconceived notions, we begin to re-invigorate ourselves.


Working and Playing

It’s a hot and humid day, and as I do my work, I have lots of thoughts I want to share with you, but as it goes, what I write doesn’t quite keep up with what I think. I think about all manner of things, from heaven and earth and everything in between. What I feel good about today is that I’m cleaning the garage, which also happens to be my bedroom.

I work on cars every day, and when I’m not working, I play the guitar. I’m literally in a garage band. All the while, I continue to philosophize.

I couldn’t have planned my life to be the way it has been, or the way it is now. Then again, I believe a bigger part of me has already planned much of this. I’ve learned not to make promises I can’t keep, but after many ups and downs, I can promise myself that I’m finally my own friend.


Getting the Hang of It

It’s been another wake up early to work on cars kind of day. I continue to learn the ropes, and getting the hang of it. It’s hot and humid.

U2 is on the shop’s playlist. My dad and I enjoy watching The Voice. I’m getting better at guitar (and singing).

The kittens are growing. Shorty/Liz is something of an aunt to the two little ones. My paternal instincts might be kicking in.