Continuing to Write


We are all destined to realize our true self-worth, one way or the other. It’s not so much a calling as an inexorable pull. To the extent that we resist the pull of our true self, we are unhappy.


Letting go can be difficult because it can feel like a sacrifice. Sometimes we think we’re sacrificing, but we’re not. A true sacrifice usually has to do with the death of a dearly held belief, and most of us hate to be wrong.


It’s challenging to be unflinchingly honest with ourselves. There are so many ways we can be diverted from really getting to the heart of the matter. I continue to write, because this is my bastion of peace, and oasis of truth.



Turning the Corner


Choosing to no longer seek the approval of (and trying to please) others may be the most challenging thing we ever face. Sometimes anger is our only way out, but when the anger subsides, we can feel the familiar pull of old habits. However (and whenever) it happens, turning the corner is the difference between night and day.

The Great Equalizer

Happiness is the great equalizer. We can never really tell if anyone else is truly happy. We can never truly make anyone else happy unless they really want to be happy.

Feeling Better

I have to admit that as focused and (authentically) happy as I am now, through everything I’ve learned and overcome, there’s still pain and resistance to being happy, which requires all of my wisdom (as well as others) in order to find peace. It takes a deep and abiding appreciation of the journey and the process of life. We weren’t born to please others; we were born to be true to ourselves, and the sooner we realize that, the better we’ll feel.




Respecting Resistance (Growing Wise)


I woke up from an emotional and visceral dream, and realized it was the second day of a new year. I appreciate and perform my usual waking up rituals, and feel thankful for what I get to experience. I’m making peace with aspects of my life which seemed mountainous.

Yesterday, I focused on respecting resistance. Resistance is resistance, and deserves respect. Respect is respect, and something I choose to cultivate and have.

Knowledge and wisdom are priceless. To grow in knowledge and wisdom is worth its weight in experience. Soon, I’ll go back to sleep.


Searching and Seeking


The searching and seeking part of me – maybe that’s my ego – he wants what he wants, and he’s good at finding things that are wanting. So I – maybe that’s my ego, too – am aware of how and who I am. Sometimes it seems like I can’t take “it” anymore, but somehow I become stronger every day.

“You’re so angry!” she told me through tears, and it’s true, sometimes I do feel very angry. I feel angry for various reasons, and about various things, but I choose not to be angry about being angry. I’d do things differently if given the chance, and I suppose today, and every day, is that chance, even if it’s by myself (which is how change begins, anyway).

I can tell when my mind is tying itself into knots. Simplicity, sincerity, and starting over gives me peace of mind. I enjoy being my own friend.


Reflecting Peace and Love


You’d think that with all of the heartfelt and sincere things I’ve written so far, I’d run out of things to say, but life doesn’t seem to work that way. I’ve had several fun interactions today with some of the people I often see around town, and it reminds me of those children’s books where the animals work and play like people. It’s liberating to live by principles that I’ve worked to discover.

The Life Area of Spirit consists of things like our principles. Principles are deeper than beliefs. Beliefs can be changed, but principles are discovered.

As the new year approaches, I’m focused on simplicity. It’s a given that I wish for there to be peace and love in the world, and I very much do. Maybe if I create the best life I can, it’ll be reflected in the world.


Thinking Heady Thoughts


My life is less conditional these days, and more unconditional. It feels like waking up. Being unconditional means I’m able to choose to be happy just because I like it (which is actually quite a good reason).

I wrote about resting the restless ego, and that’s like finding peace of mind. I’m thinking I’m not my thoughts (ironically). I’m the perceiver, and what I perceive, I think about, and maybe, as the perceiver, I’m also the perceived.

It’s these heady thoughts that I wake up to, juxtaposed by “baser” ones. I’m aware of my inner dichotomies (which I used to think more of as demons). My mind feels more harmonious, and I want that to be reflected in my life.


Resting the Restless Ego


I think that the feeling of unquiet or uneasiness comes from my restless ego, and this awareness gives me peace of mind.

From my true center, I’m able to give myself the guidance and support I’ve been looking for.

I’m realizing that I can be who I truly am without diminishing myself or anyone else, and in fact, it adds to life.