Achieving and Appreciating


Writing and publishing this post will be an achievement for me. It’s helpful to consciously acknowledge when something would be an achievement, and when something has been achieved. An achievement is something we’re proud that we accomplished.

Appreciation is also something we can consciously acknowledge. By “consciously acknowledge” I mean it requires mental focus, and by focusing on the things we appreciate, we attract more of it into our lives. Appreciating is consciously acknowledging and savoring the beauty, worth, and value of something.

Achieving and appreciating are powerful self-improvement techniques. By using both of these mental skills, we can truly create a more positive experience for ourselves, and by extension, a more positive world.



Healing and Recovering (the Hero’s Journey)


I woke up early this morning and had some insights, as I usually do, and wanted to share them before I forget. This blog is called Getting Better, Man, and getting better is partly about healing and recovering from pain. I have things I need to heal and recover from–and I know that I’m healing all the time–but I have a nervous habit of picking at scabs and not allowing them to heal properly.


Sometimes I wake up with what could be called post-traumatic flashbacks and memories (like I did this morning), and I ask God, and my Angels and Guides to help me forgive for the sake of myself and others. I don’t really care who or what I’m forgiving, because there’s probably too much to forgive, but I want to transmute the negative energy into something positive. I don’t like to complain or blame, and I don’t like to ask for help; I’m not seeking sympathy, although I most likely deserve it, if anyone does.


No, I’m all about getting better, and that takes many forms. I’ve been through the shadow stuff, and had to learn how to use alchemy, magic, and prayer. Part of the Hero’s Journey is to bring the Elixir of Life back to humanity, and that’s what I’m doing.



Having a (Truly) Positive Attitude


Self-improvement is my passion, and I’ve been laying the foundations and building the structures of personal development for years. Now I’m at the point where I can begin to place the keystone of my self-improvement project; having a truly positive attitude.

A keystone is:

1. a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.
2. the central principle or part of a policy, system, etc., on which all else depends.

True success in life is centered upon having a truly positive attitude.

Our bodies have a naturally positive and regenerative attitude. Our emotions naturally rise toward positive feelings. Our thoughts have the ability to choose positive beliefs. Our spirit and life-force is pure positive energy. Consciousness, like light, is positive.

These are the elements of a truly positive attitude, which I’ve learned from my own life experience, and from different self-improvement teachings that point to the same things.

  • Acceptance of the present moment; acceptance of what is; not fighting with reality; non-judgement; equanimity; mindfulness and observation. I find these to be similar concepts and practices.
  • Letting go of resistance and worry; realizing there’s no value in negative thinking (obviously), other than pointing us toward positive thinking.
  • Finding a way to be cheerful, happy, and lighthearted about everything, no matter what happens. This doesn’t mean we don’t ever feel sad, just that it’s not our natural state to be unhappy.

To the extent that we point ourselves away from the principles of a truly positive attitude, we suffer. It’s about having faith that this keystone of self-improvement will truly hold up, which we can only know by practicing and using it every day.

If you’re wondering what the ultimate purpose of having a truly positive attitude is, it’s to have true freedom; the ability to be free no matter what the circumstance.

Here’s another great video from that inspired this post.

Let’s make today a better day!


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Ending January 2013

Lanterns (Photo credit: buck82)

As January of 2013 comes to an end, I want to send out positive energy to the readers of GBM. May your self-improvement journey bring you closer to truth.

It’s been my experience that life is all about changes, yet we sometimes fear change, and need the illusion of stability in order to reflect and go forward.

It’s also been my experience that I’ve been guided through life by forces larger and more universal than I am, yet I, like everything else, am part of this big picture, which I see makes everything One.

When I lose the connection to the sense of one-ness and wholeness of everything, I find myself feeling afraid and alone.

Sometimes the best way out of fear is to go through the fear. So each day I go through the valley of fear, but this journey is not without grace.

Let’s carry faith, hope, love, and peace in our hearts as we go forward.