Just Like Heaven Acoustic Cover

You may or may not know about the GBM Podcast (and YouTube Channel), which I created back in 2014 during a crazy period in my life. I’m thinking of making videos to go along with my blog in the near future, but for now I felt like making a recording of me singing and playing Just Like Heaven by The Cure. I hope you like it.

Belief, Practice, and Time

My new and further adventures continue. Now, I’m learning to run the shop, and also be a musician. I have an opportunity to be a singer, play guitar, and be in a band. It’s just a matter of belief, practice, and time.

In hindsight, the things that are currently happening was – if not foretold – then foreshadowed. I’m able to say that I’m a bigger and better version of myself, and to me, not comparing myself to someone else is what humility is about.

I feel very appreciative and blessed, although there are sometimes powerful emotions that show up. The old emotional hindrances don’t stop me anymore. I remind myself that if there are Universal Laws, then they should work in any situation.


GBM Podcast Episode 10


In this episode of the GBM Podcast, I read my article Thanks for Everything and perform a cover of the song Stand By Me by Oasis.