Living a Sitcom


My life is turning into one big sitcom. It’s weird how you can be Louis C.K., or Abraham-Hicks, or an actor on Party Down, and it’s all OK, and it’s all life. I believe in the things I talk about, and therein lies the tragedy and comedy.

I got a new job in catering, so I’m re-watching Party Down just for kicks and irony. At some point in life tragedy does become comedy. Usually after you’ve experienced enough crap.

Apologizing for who you are is certainly a recipe for a tragic life. Nobody knows the answer, and that’s the joke. Live your life, and laugh.




Playing the Part

I’m finding that my life is like a situation comedy these days, and maybe that’s not a bad way of looking at it. From illustrating fantasy novels to getting marriage proposals from women I’ve never met, I’m sure whoever’s watching is being amused. I consult the oracle in order to find out what’s going to happen next in this whacky story.

I’ve learned to be quiet, to not speak, to let others play their part, so that maybe I can understand mine. Sometimes I can’t help but react, then I calm down and reflect on what’s going on. The deeper you peer into the workings of the universe, the more you realize there are powerful forces at play.

We’re all playing our roles in this drama. What kind of characters are we, and how much control do we really have?