Slicing and Dicing


Up before dawn, with hardly any sleep, I get ready for my new job. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had to get ready for work. The fan belt of my car squeals in protest at the cold morning air.

Starting a new job is like stepping onto the set of a new sitcom. We’re introduced to the characters. We begin to play our part.

I put on an apron and a name tag. I weigh roast chicken and slice and dice fruit to be delivered. I come home–exhausted–do my usual routines, and take a nap.



Living by Simplicity

I share a bed with my dad, and that’s something that once seemed impossible, but there’s fulfillment and meaningfulness in it. It’s easy and maybe seductive to focus on outer results, and lose sight of the truly valuable inner changes. I’m enjoying my nightly cup of coffee, which seems to help me go back to sleep.

There’s a difference between complicated and simple. That’s obvious enough, but serves as an important principle to live by. Anxiety used to feel like something of epic proportion, but experiencing a steady connection with my True Self is even more epic.

I know what good feels like, and I want to let it in. I’ve sometimes felt like I was out of control, and sometimes like I was trying to control too much. Now I’m putting my faith and trust in my True Self.


Waking Up and Breathing


It’s a rainy night, and I slept for a while, but after waking up I decided to get out of bed and do my usual routines until I get sleepy again. I sleep in the same bed as my dad these days, which I didn’t think I’d be able to do, but it’s actually quite meaningful. Life and work at the shop continues, and continues to fly by.

I’m learning more about working on cars, running the shop, and life. I’m learning about freedom, independence, and self-empowerment. I’m learning that wisdom comes from the sum of knowledge and experience.

So much of life is about beginnings and endings, but there’s an in-between space where eternity exists. It’s that holding your breath and finally breathing out sensation that feels like a relief.


Melting Glaciers


Yesterday went by quicker than I thought, and I didn’t post. Now I’m sitting in the garage, and waiting for sleep. I’m realizing that simplicity and sincerity are powerful principles that can melt (and move) glaciers.

Sometimes memories and thoughts bombard me, and the best thing I can do is make space for it. There’s space within my heart; more than I realized. I’m realizing that the things that matter, matter, and the things that don’t, don’t.

If I’m the creator of my reality, then I ask myself what my reasons would be for creating this reality. To know who I truly am, to know my true power, to be who I truly am, and reflect that into the world. In the light of truth, fear dissolves.


Being a (Super) Genius

After getting some sleep, I’m ready to look to the positive, and move forward. Maybe it isn’t true for everyone with social anxiety, but for me, transcending that condition has been about making friends with life, rather than trying to please others. Instead of looking for love or friendship where it isn’t, I look at everything I experience as part of a universal love and friendship. What if you were in love with life itself?

After I wake up, I always have Quality Time, which allows me to ABC. I think overall it’s the single most important part of my happiness, success, and well-being. It’s not so much what I do that’s important, it’s that I take time to get into a positive state of being.

I like the feeling of being an eligible bachelor. I like being single, having a lot to offer, and being a catch. I like working on self-improvement for over ten years, because that makes me a genius at it. I’ve also been a painter and writer for over ten years, so I’m a genius at that. I’ve loved certain people for over ten years, so I’m a genius at that, too.

I’m a super-genius!



Appreciation 2

source: Sedone's Sketches
source: Sedone’s Sketches

Since this week is about the Body Life Area, and I also want to write about the things I appreciate as I approach the 500th post (the next one!), this article is going to be about my appreciation of sleeping and napping.

I’ve written about my interesting relationship with sleep, like in the article Give Me Liberty (I’ll Take a Nap). If I’m not wanting to go to sleep, I find it’s better to get up and do something, which usually makes me sleepy. It helps if I think of it as taking naps of varying length.

The feeling of wanting to go to sleep is one of my favorite things, along with waking up feeling rested. Something I’ve intuitively known is that whenever I get stressed out, the best thing to do is take a nap. It acts as a reset button. Another important thing for me to do after waking up is to think simple, good feeling thoughts. Rumination can run rampant before going to sleep, and while waking up. I used to say “no room for rumination.” Now I talk to myself about the things I appreciate, and I’m starting to have a positive relationship with sleep once again.

I appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep, whether it’s on my couch or bed. I know many people have to follow a sleep schedule , and they can’t take naps whenever they want. For me, it’s important to design my lifestyle around my energy cycles. I see it as a part of my vocation. I tried the typical 9-5 schedule (or whatever it is these days), but it didn’t work for me.

Writing this article has made me kind of sleepy.

Sweet dreams!


May the First


It’s May the first; a new month. I got a decent night’s sleep. A couple of days in a row I woke up from disturbing dreams. I also missed a couple of post-a-day articles. One of them I missed on purpose — it’s sometimes good to practice imperfection — the other one I missed because I was overcoming a migraine.

Writing 150 words a day is my spiritual practice. I call it spiritual because I do it just to do it. There are many things I do out of fear and the need for security aka money, but there are some things I do because it’s who I am. There are things I need to create and express. These things seem to require the kind of courage that comes from what I call ‘spirit’.

150 words and three paragraphs (give or take) daily keeps me on course. If I let the tides, currents, and windfalls of moods and opinions determine my destination, who knows where I’d end up.


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