Writing About Writing

I don't know what it is, but the process of just writing these words – of just starting – is potent. It doesn't matter how much time has passed; the act of writing is always new. That's the appeal of it, I suppose.

Of course, having all of the accoutrements of writing is fun; apps, tools, and books. Writing about writing is a kind of practical procrastination. However, nothing beats the act of writing itself, whatever it may be about.

In this last bit is where I think of something profound to say, something that will wrap up my thoughts in a nice little bow. I'm never at a lack for something profound, but sometimes all you can say is goodnight (see, that's kind of profound). In any case, why don't we end with a 1…2…3…4.


Living Without Excuses

I’m never exactly sure what I’ll write about for GBM on any given day. I open myself up to whatever life tells me to write about. Today I want to talk about living without excuses.

There’s a way of living that gets rid of the need for excuses. I haven’t found a good, productive use for excuses. When I make excuses, it’s usually the result of being unconscious, having insecurities, and feeling like a victim.

I lump excuses into the same category as gossip, assumptions, and complaints. We choose our attitude, and our attitude determines how we experience life. The way we experience life isn’t the same as the things that happen to us. Things happen to us all the time, but how we experience those things is all about our attitude.

Do you choose to have a positive or a negative attitude?

Do you choose to be a friend of life or an enemy of life?

The questions we ask determine the answers we find.

If you choose to live without excuses, what you’re left with is acceptance, responsibility, and choice. You accept life the way it is, you see the responsibility you have as a person, and you make the choice to do what you need to do. There’s no way to live a purposeful life while carrying around a bunch of excuses for why things are the way they are. Excuses distract you from seeing and taking opportunities. Excuses are a hindrance to creativity.

Start where you’re at.

There’s no excuse for not starting where you’re at. Wherever you are in life, that’s where you start. Start on making your dreams come true. There’s a reason you have your dreams; it’s your purpose calling to you. Listen up and pay attention. Feel the quickening of your pulse as you contemplate your most truthful and heartfelt wishes. Be a student of life, and life will teach you well.

Thanks for reading. Let’s make today a better day!


Create Now Edit Later

A good way of overcoming procrastination is to create now, and edit later*. Figure out a step you can take, and take it. This step can be as small as it needs to be. You have to get to the point where inaction becomes more burdensome than action. There are many reasons we resist action. It’s a part of life. When we don’t take action on the things that are important to us, we sometimes feel guilty, but I’ve found that guilt is really just another way out of taking action. Ask yourself, “Would I rather take action, or not take action?” Sometimes the honest answer is that we don’t want to take action. That awareness is in itself the seedbed for action.

What exactly is “awareness”? I suspect that self-honesty, being true to yourself, and full disclosure without self-deception, is a big part of awareness, or “self-awareness”. I’ve found that a huge block to creativity (essentially self-expression) is self-deception. How much of what you think, and what you do, is influenced by external forces? I assume that almost all of what I do is conditioned into me by other people and my environment. Out of that, I begin to notice what thoughts and actions are truly mine. It’s few and far between, yet that’s how our spirits grow stronger.

Become friends with starting. Don’t worry about ending. Keep starting for the rest of your life. The worry about how things will end kills so many first steps. Get used to taking first steps. Every step is a first. This attitude ensures that we live a life of taking action. Moving forward has a way of clarifying things. We’re all moving forward towards our own death anyway. I choose not to be afraid of that. I choose not to hold on for dear life as life pulls me forward. I choose to cooperate with the Universe. I choose to live life.

*This post has been brought to you by the “create now edit later” philosophy.