Scratching the Surface

As I went about my Sunday routines, I had the realization that I’ve barely scratched the surface of who I truly am. This is both exciting and frustrating. There’s so much that I want to create and express.

Creating things willy-nilly isn’t all that satisfying, either. Part of the fun is in connecting with others. Of course, there’s also the issue of making a living.

Rather than fighting the form and structure, I’m learning from it. Boundaries have their uses, after all. Focus is the key.



Starting Over, Always

I begin writing this with no preconceptions or preconceived notions of what I’m going to write. Sometimes you need to let go of preconceptions and assumptions and expectations, and let the thoughts and words flow. That’s how all of this began, and that’s how it’s going to continue.

Structure is a good thing, in the right amount. The unconscious is like an out-of-focus lens, and consciousness is the focusing of the lens. We have the ability to focus and defocus, zoom in and out.

When things get too complicated, the best thing to do is simplify. Get back to basics. Start over.



The Structure of Ambition

I think I’m a structuralist at heart. I like to figure out and study how things are made, all the bits and pieces that go into different kinds of systems. Aside from curiosity, I study the structure of things in order to improve myself.

Thanks to my deductive powers of self-diagnosis, I suspect I have some kind of mood/personality “disorder”. I hate the term disorder, because I don’t (want to) see myself that way, but I’m accepting it. I’ve spent years avoiding reality and the problems I face. This is a good place to begin facing my fears.

We all need structure in our lives. Even our DNA has structure. But I dislike accepting structures that have been created by other people just for the sake of tradition. Maybe it’s my insatiable curiosity, or just plain rebelliousness, but I’ve always questioned established power structures.

I realize “life” would be easier if I just followed the rules, painted between the lines, go where I’m supposed to, do what I’m told, but to me, that’s not a life. Life is about having adventures, going on journeys, learning and understanding things, creating, building, experiencing, expressing, and walking the path of greatness. Greatness isn’t about being a neat, tidy, easily categorized, and well behaved little person who stays in his cage.

Never apologize for ambition. If you have the fire of passion within you, protect it like it’s your last source of light. Don’t worry about humility, because life will humble you. Great people know the sting and pain of failure; it’s something they go through all the time. Failure is a rite of passage on the way to greatness. Those who can face the fear of failing have the chance to be great. Those who run away from fear will never be great.

There’s no excuse for mediocrity. It doesn’t matter where you are in life. If you can understand what I’m saying, you can walk the path of greatness. The first step is always the hardest, and guess what, they’re all first steps.

Thanks for reading, and remember to make today a better day!