Scratching the Surface

As I went about my Sunday routines, I had the realization that I’ve barely scratched the surface of who I truly am. This is both exciting and frustrating. There’s so much that I want to create and express.

Creating things willy-nilly isn’t all that satisfying, either. Part of the fun is in connecting with others. Of course, there’s also the issue of making a living.

Rather than fighting the form and structure, I’m learning from it. Boundaries have their uses, after all. Focus is the key.



Appreciating Sunday

Over the years, I’ve grown to love Sundays, although that hasn’t always been the case. Sunday is the juncture between one week and the next; past, present, and future. Even now, there’s nervous energy surrounding my Sunday, but it’s more of an excited feeling rather than worry (though it may have something to do with the playoffs).

Creating Sacred Space

Reviewing my week on Sunday has become a sacred space. In truth, I want every day to be like this, but I also enjoy jumping into the fray and mixing it up during the week. I like to contemplate my areas of life and take them all in; to see the big picture.

A Cold and Frosty Morning

It was 3 am as I opened my door to go get a cup of coffee from 7-11, surprised to find that the world was shrouded in fog. Atop my staircase – yes, my staircase; it leads to my door and no one else’s – I felt like I was on a castle rampart looking down upon a sleeping village. The journey of a thousand miles that led me here really did begin with a single step.


Road Testing

I’m enjoying coffee and incense on a cold Sunday night. I contemplate fulfillment and happiness, and feel fulfilled and happy. I was drawn to write, so I am.

I suppose this is a kind of poetry, what I write on my blog. It’s certainly a meditation, and maybe therapy. It’s definitely evolved.

It’s all connected; the outer surface of things, and the deeper meanings. Problem and solution are so close together as to be one and the same. I’m crafting a philosophy and road testing it.


A Sunday Review

I want to thank the people who have been following my self-improvement efforts, and have given me encouragement in one way or another, whether it’s through comments, likes, subscriptions, or good ol’ friendship, love, and support in “real life”.

Sunday is a great day to review the current and upcoming week. I like to use Sundays to think big. As you can see in my GoodReads currently reading list, I’m studying several self-improvement books. When received attentively and with an open mind, knowledge from different sources can gestalt into a bigger picture.

According to my beginner’s research into the Enneagram, I’m a type four, the romantic and artist type. I learned that the point of the Enneagram isn’t to use it to label ourselves or as an excuse to act out our dysfunctions. It’s meant to increase our awareness of our personality, fixations, and ego. I find that it goes well with nonduality teachings, in the way it helps identify the ego as a construct and structure.

My personal development started from a self-centered perspective. During my self-improvement journey, there were times I felt victimized and sorry for myself. Self-pity and self-doubt can be poisonous, but still need to be faced honestly and openly. Through facing my true feelings — positive, negative, happy, unhappy, or otherwise — I was able to move from reaction to response. My new way of dealing with things is to discern truth from falsehood, reality from fantasy.

I’ll continue to use my powers of discernment, which I think will lead to a more natural, creative, pure, and spontaneous way of life. I don’t need all the baggage carried by a fragile ego. I’ve learned that my ego is just that, my ego. I can put myself to good, constructive use.