Waking Up at 3am (Again)

I woke up from yet another dream at 3am, which tends to happen when I’m going through big changes in my life. In my dream, I literally had a phone call that woke me up. My mind’s a prankster.

As I’m thumb typing this post – about to go back to sleep – I’m conscious of wanting to be less conscious. What I mean is that I associate dreaming with my subconscious (whatever that is). I want to write this from a spontaneous place.

“Through thick and thin” is a sentiment that’s important to me, but instead of applying it to other people, I’m applying it to my relationship with myself.



Starting Over, Always

I begin writing this with no preconceptions or preconceived notions of what I’m going to write. Sometimes you need to let go of preconceptions and assumptions and expectations, and let the thoughts and words flow. That’s how all of this began, and that’s how it’s going to continue.

Structure is a good thing, in the right amount. The unconscious is like an out-of-focus lens, and consciousness is the focusing of the lens. We have the ability to focus and defocus, zoom in and out.

When things get too complicated, the best thing to do is simplify. Get back to basics. Start over.



Achieving and Appreciating


Writing and publishing this post will be an achievement for me. It’s helpful to consciously acknowledge when something would be an achievement, and when something has been achieved. An achievement is something we’re proud that we accomplished.

Appreciation is also something we can consciously acknowledge. By “consciously acknowledge” I mean it requires mental focus, and by focusing on the things we appreciate, we attract more of it into our lives. Appreciating is consciously acknowledging and savoring the beauty, worth, and value of something.

Achieving and appreciating are powerful self-improvement techniques. By using both of these mental skills, we can truly create a more positive experience for ourselves, and by extension, a more positive world.



Finding a Third Way

A while back, I wrote about how anxiety could be helpful in terms of becoming more mindful. I’ve been feeling more anxiety than I have in years, and I’ve needed to focus on being more mindful once again. It’s a useful mental skill to have.

I’ve noticed how, during my ecstatic and joyful moments, limiting beliefs and negative emotions show up right after (I used to call it being manic depressive, or bipolar, or whatever). My solution is to not pursue an escape route or run away from this familiar pattern. Being mindful of the pattern–without doing anything that will add to or take away from it–creates a third way; one that transcends the problem.

When we think of things in terms of duality, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find a solution to the problem. However, what if the solution is already an inherent part of the problem, and our role is to simply find a third way? Sometimes it feels like we have to choose between the lesser of two evils, but this can be liberating, because we can take the magical door that appears when we finally say “fuck it.”



Calling the Shots


I suppose it’s natural to forget that we’re eternal beings. Maybe if we can remember that, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry. I feel better when I realize I’m not the only one calling the shots here; I have a higher self.

After doing whatever it is I think I should be doing, there comes a time to put down the pen and simply appreciate. We’re not always on the same wavelength as our higher self, but that’s OK. We can still respect the sanctity of a single lamp turned on at 2am.

The mind is hungry for knowledge. I’m devouring all sorts of information about everything under the sun (and beyond). And with this, another leaf sprouts on the branch.



May the Force/Source Be with You

LukeIt’s interesting how I ended up being Luke Skywalker. Like him, I started off naive, enthusiastic, and action-oriented, wanting more than anything to leave my humble beginnings and go on a grand adventure, but then I gained some life experience, dealt with my father/son issues, and grew to understand and respect the power of the Force/Source.

Although Luke was the hero of Star Wars, I always admired Han Solo, and sometimes I’ve been more like Han than Luke, but as it turns out, I’ve been on the path of the Jedi all along.

Taking action used to be the first thing I did in any situation, but now I’d rather use the power of my mind. Whereas in the past, I’d get the urge to take action, or do something just because I didn’t know what else to do, or tried to fix problem after problem, or any other reaction caused by a disturbance in the Force/Source, I now find it more powerful and satisfying to raise my vibration, observe what happens around me, and take inspired action.

That’s the Jedi Master’s way of doing things.

Emotional Flare Ups


Sometimes no matter what you do, there will be emotional flare ups.

The journey then becomes–more than ever–one step at a time, one breath at a time, one word at a time.

Appreciate and be grateful for each step that you’re able to take.

The opposite of depression isn’t happy, it’s appreciation. Maybe depression should be called depreciation, because it’s a state of not being able to see beyond the darkness.

The mind has cast its net too far and wide. It’s important to bring your attention back to what’s in front of you. Focus on just that one fishing pole, and the fish of good feeling will bite, if you’re patient.

Prayer helps. And singing, even if it’s just humming a tune. Or turn on some soothing music.

I ask my True Self for help, guidance, support, and love. Then I take one step at a time through the darkness.

The light always comes again.

The storm always passes.

image credit: Pixabay