Neverending Appreciation

I feel a deep appreciation at how far I’ve come in the past few years. Journaling, writing, blogging, and art have been true companions long before and after people have come and gone. I know what it’s like to be left out in the cold and hung out to dry.

Though protected, my heart isn’t bitter. I still have a sense of wonder. Appreciation flows through me.

There’s no part of me that I’ve ever been able to extinguish. I’ve only ever grown. Self-acceptance is, as I see it, my only road to salvation.



Staying Young

The thing about growing up too fast is that you lose your innocent and playful nature. Curiosity is replaced by necessity. Secrets are created, steps become measured.

Let’s not be so quick to expose children to the harsh realities of the world. What’s so great about being an adult? A sizable number of adults are driven by fear. Natural desire is replaced by calculated schemes. Life becomes about security and stability, which must be defended at all costs. Yet life is constantly changing. Children are naturally imbalanced, and finding their balance is a fun game.

What happens when natural curiosity meets harsh reality? Something gets hidden away, protected from the prying eyes and judgments of adults. Too much protection creates an inflexible shell. Movement and spontaneity is restricted. Eventually, curiosity is replaced by fear, and may actually become a source of fear. So now we have someone who is afraid of their own childlike sense of wonder.

There’s a difference between child-like and child-ish. Grown-ups need to be more child-like, and stop taking themselves so seriously. Less war and hate, more wonderment and awe.

We’re all children in the universe, infants, really, and that’s not a bad thing. Let’s act our age.